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Industrial Construction: Altamira Constructora’s Highlighted Projects

By |2024-04-10T07:45:33+00:0010/04/2024|

The construction and logistics industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Two notable projects, carried out by Altamira Constructora, exemplify innovation and efficiency in their respective fields. Gioseppo's Logistics Warehouse in Elche In the city of Elche, in the province of Alicante, stands an impressive logistics warehouse ...

The latest rules and regulations in construction in Spain

By |2024-02-07T09:48:18+00:0007/02/2024|

In the dynamic world of construction in Spain, keeping up to date with the latest rules and regulations is essential to guarantee the quality, safety, and legality of each project. At Altamira Constructora, we strive to keep up to date with changes in the regulatory landscape, and today we would like to share with ...

Discovering the World of Residential Construction: Exploring Diversity and Styles

By |2024-01-11T15:14:33+00:0011/01/2024|

Residential construction for Altamira Constructora is a universe full of possibilities where creativity and functionality converge to shape the places we call home. In this blog, we will look at the different types of residential construction, exploring everything from classic single-family homes to innovative apartment complexes. Single-family homes: Single-family homes ...

Building with Safety: The Altamira Constructora Commitment

By |2023-12-15T11:26:38+00:0015/12/2023|

At Altamira Constructora, safety is our number one priority. We are committed to ensuring that every construction project is carried out safely and efficiently. In this article we will explore the importance of safety in construction and how Altamira Constructora excels in this crucial aspect. Safety as a Foundation ...

Construction and Urban Development: Contributing to the Renaissance of Our Cities

By |2023-11-10T11:05:15+00:0010/11/2023|

In an ever-changing world, urban development has become a priority for cities and construction companies. In this article, we explore how construction projects can contribute to the development and revitalisation of urban areas, and how committed companies are making a difference. Integrated planning The key to successful urban development is integrated planning. ...

Building Success: Grupo Mora’s Corporate Culture and Shared Values

By |2023-11-16T13:13:15+00:0010/11/2023|

In the business world, success goes beyond numbers and profits. Corporate culture and shared values play a fundamental role in the direction a company takes. At Grupo Mora, a leading company in its sector, corporate culture is based on core values: trust, collaboration, growth, and commitment. In this blog, we will explore how these ...

Altamira Constructora in the Construction Sectors

By |2023-10-23T12:03:26+00:0023/10/2023|

Construction is a fundamental sector in the development of any country, and Altamira Constructora is proud to be an integral part of this industry. With years of experience and a highly skilled team, we have made our mark in various construction sectors, contributing to the growth and improvement of infrastructure throughout the region. In ...

Construction Of Industrial Buildings

By |2023-09-25T08:11:54+00:0025/09/2023|

In the world of architecture and construction, industrial buildings play a crucial role in providing functional spaces for a wide range of commercial activities. These structures must not only be durable and efficient in terms of design, but must also be adapted to the specific needs of the industries they will house. In this ...

Innovation as a construction strategy

By |2023-08-28T11:00:33+00:0021/08/2023|

Innovation is a key strategy in the construction sector and at Altamira Constructora, as it can boost competitiveness, improve efficiency and productivity, and enable the development of more sustainable and safer solutions. Here are some ways in which innovation can be applied as a strategy in construction: Advanced construction technologies: ...

Productivity in the construction industry

By |2023-07-31T08:27:06+00:0027/07/2023|

Productivity in the construction industry is a key issue for the success and growth of this sector. Productivity refers to the efficiency with which resources are used to produce goods and services, in this case, the construction of buildings, infrastructure and related projects. Productivity in construction can influence several important aspects: ...

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