Customer service


    Depending on the requirements of each project, the necessary equipment is sized.
    Our technical solvency is shown through the names and the professional qualifications of the staff responsible for executing the work.

    Our company has a strong technical team with an extensive experience in large-scale building works.

    For Altamira Constructora, meeting the deadline is the most important thing, which is why each project has a detailed work development plan that is periodically analyzed during the execution of the works.


    In order to offer personalized attention, deal with possible incidents, if any, and build customer loyalty, Altamira has created an independent department made up of technical professionals whose priority is to offer attention with optimized control of response times and total transparency in this management, where proximity to the customer is one of its bases.

    Quality Control

    Altamira Constructora is very involved with quality in execution, which benefits the satisfaction of our customers and Construction Managers, which translates into the satisfaction of the final users of the works.

    After-sales deparment

    Altamira Constructora’s goal is not only to build, but also to ensure that its projects meet the highest quality standards and that its customers are satisfied. For this reason, it has an after-sales department that is mainly based on the centralization of customer service.

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