The Strategic Agenda 2021-2023 is a collaboration instrument promoted by the Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC, the abbreviation in Spanish) in which all relevant agents directly or indirectly involved in the sector participate, especially those associated with the Platform.

In this new agenda that we are launching, we are working with a shared and consensual vision of the state of the sector, its competitive keys and the priority measures and lines of action to boost the economy. It includes the continuous exchange of information and knowledge among agents and a commitment to innovation and technology as a lever for the future and sustainability of the sector. In short, the aim is to improve the medium and long-term competitiveness of the construction sector using technology as a lever.

For its elaboration, we have worked for months, with an open methodology in which workshops, surveys and interviews have been carried out, including entities from the entire value chain. As a result, we have worked on five strategic lines and for each one we have defined challenges and actions to be carried out, which will be the roadmap for the coming years.

The Strategic Agenda for Innovation in Construction sets out a proposal for short and medium-term lines of action for the 2021-2023 horizon.

Main objectives:

• To carry out a diagnosis to understand and compile the needs and barriers faced by the sector.
• To identify the strategic lines of the construction sector and to examine in depth the challenges it faces for its development and growth at the national level.
• To obtain a tool that enables common actions to be carried out among the agents in the sector and to establish internal working guidelines in the field of innovation.

The agenda compiles a series of recommendations derived both from the study carried out with different partners of the Platform and from the analysis of the answers obtained from the agents participating in the survey for its elaboration.

These recommendations are framed within different types of actions such as those indicated in the image matrix: internationalisation, dissemination, new actors, alliances, influence, training, forums, tech-transfer and working groups..

The recommendations, which will be the basis for future actions to be carried out by the PTEC, are grouped according to the strategic lines and challenges to which they relate and, in each case, indicating the type of action in which they are framed.