We are Altamira Constructora

Altamira Constructora is a family company, with more than 65 years of experience, dedicated to the construction of residential and non-residential buildings (industrial, commercial, public and sanitary), throughout the national territory.

Customer service

    We stand for quality

    The financial solvency, the technical capacity of our human team, as well as the flexibility and the experience they have gained over all this time, allow us to succeed in all our projects.

    We are a company fully oriented towards our customers. We always develop our projects looking for quality, safety and respect for the environment, with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.


    To execute works with solvency fulfilling the commitments acquired in terms of safety, quality and deadlines.


    Construction of projects for national promoters.


    • -The professional and personal growth of our TEAM, building together an exciting common project, in which you can find encouragement and support in an innovative, safe, attractive and efficient organization.

    • Our CUSTOMERS satisfaction, focusing the entire organization on them, exceeding their expectations and establishing mutually beneficial relationships.

    • To create value for our SHAREHOLDERS, achieving rentability and sustained growth.

    • To incorporate our EXTERNAL PARTNERS our project.

    • To contribute to the improvement of our ENVIRONMENT, committing ourselves to the society in which we are living.

    Altamira Organization and Values

    Any company is fundamentally based on people, for Altamira Constructora the human factor or the human behaviour in the organization is a priority, hence the great importance of everything related to people. The main value of Altamira is team work.

    As in any company, Production is the basic functional area, and in this Altamira Constructora does not only consider the management of the necessary human and material resources as a priority, but also the support elements: Studies, Health and Safety and Quality Control.

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