We are following our path, looking towards the future and thinking about how to improve our image and our communication with you.. Therefore, we renew our website recently and we made some changes that will benefit people who want to know more about us and visit us. But, how do these changes benefit you?

We are telling you.

  • 3 main benefits of our new website for you

As we want to make things easy when you are interacting with us, we have designed a website where you will notice these 3 main advantages, among others.

We improve the user experience

We have improved not the visuals but also its usability. In such way, users visiting our website will enjoy a more intuitive design.. Thus, browsing the different parts of the website will be more fluid and you will find what you want. .

Contact us with just two clicks

Apart from the contact information on different parts of the website, we have also added in the main page (homepage) a short contact form where, filling in the information and in just two clicks, you can request a call back. .
This will make things more comfortable for you if you want to contact us directly. Filling in the form, we will call you as soon as possible.
Nonetheless, in the same form you have our telephone number in case you want to contact us at that moment. .

Clear and direct communication

We use short and direct paragraphs focusing on your interests. We always use a clear language and we are always totally transparent when communicating with you.
In addition, we have re-organized the information so it is simpler for you to see all the things we can do for you. You can get know not only what we offer, but also our projects, our history and our values. All this, in a closer way.

  • In conclusion

With all these changes we want to enhance the user experience and provide an easy access to all the company information in an intuitive and simple way for our employees, customers and all the people willing to know our company. .

With the launching of the new Altamira website, we are moving forward our commitment to innovation and new technologies with the objective of achieving the best communication with you.

Building together and progressing!