Building sustainably is becoming increasingly important. For several years now, it has been mandatory for new buildings to comply with certain parameters that have a low environmental impact and whose requirements are necessary to obtain the energy certificate. But what is sustainable building and what are its characteristics?
We tell you about it.

  • Sustainable building: what is it?

Sustainable building is a construction technique that focuses on respect for the environment, the built environment and the entire life cycle of the building. Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs..

Therefore, when building, construction should cause as little damage to the environment as possible.

  • Characteristics of sustainable building

Building in a sustainable way is something that goes from the choice of materials, the environment, the processes and even the demolition phase and waste management. Building in a sustainable way has a series of characteristics that we are going to detail below.

The location and its environment

The choice of the location of the building has to be taken into account. It is important that it does not damage the environment and that it blends in with it in an appropriate manner.
Similarly, the orientation in which a building is constructed is also important as it can help to reduce the energy required for thermal regulation of the building. In addition, the location also has an impact on the amount of natural light and thus on electric energy savings..

Recyclable or natural materials

Materials should be environmentally friendly, from non-polluting sources, natural materials, recycled, and recyclable or reusable.
With durable, low-maintenance, recyclable, reusable and recoverable elements.

Control and monitoring system

It is advisable to install monitoring and control systems for electricity consumption, temperature, humidity, etc.
This will help us to accurately observe the energy performance of the building and take action when there are problems or parameters that do not comply with sustainability.

Renewable energies

Renewable energies are those that come from natural resources and non-fossil sources.
Such as, for example, solar, wind and hydraulic energy. The use of renewable energies has a low environmental impact as it helps to reduce or eliminate the consumption of polluting energies in the building..

The use of renewable energies has a low environmental impact as it helps to reduce or eliminate the consumption of polluting energies in the building.

  • In conclusión

Sustainable construction involves the use of materials and construction processes that have a low environmental impact.
This is important for the whole life cycle of the building, so in the future we can have a more sustainable environment.
This is how we build our buildings at Altamira Constructora. In a sustainable way to contribute to our environment and in compliance with the parameters required to make buildings more efficient.