The construction and logistics industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Two notable projects, carried out by Altamira Constructora, exemplify innovation and efficiency in their respective fields.

Gioseppo’s Logistics Warehouse in Elche

In the city of Elche, in the province of Alicante, stands an impressive logistics warehouse that fuses innovation and efficiency. Gioseppo, an internationally recognised footwear brand, has taken a big step in adapting to e-commerce and omnichannel. Its logistics warehouse in Elche is an example of how technology and strategic vision can transform the supply chain. Gioseppo, an internationally recognised footwear brand, has taken a big step in adapting to e-commerce and omnichannel.

This warehouse, with a capacity for two million pairs of shoes, stands as a milestone in inventory management. Automation is the key: an automated clad-rack pallet warehouse streamlines the constant flow of goods.

In addition, the four-level mezzanine floor facilitates the efficient picking of the 3,500 orders per day for online customers and physical shops. But it’s not just about numbers; sustainability is also at the heart of this project.

Located close to the Mediterranean Sea, respect for the natural environment is reflected in every detail. The self-supporting structure minimises its visual impact, and Gioseppo integrates sustainable practices into its logistics strategy. This warehouse is a firm step towards the future, where innovation and quality come together in every pair of shoes that leaves its doors and at Altamira Constructora we are proud of our participation in this project.

Construction of the Mondraker warehouse

In the same city of Elche, in the Parque Empresarial, there is another project that challenges the limits of industrial construction. Mondraker, a well-known brand in the world of cycling, has set up its office, warehouse and bicycle factory. This 12,000-square-metres space is much more than a building; it is a testament to the passion for two wheels and the constant pursuit of excellence.

The Mondraker warehouse is a melting pot of innovation and efficiency. Here, automation and intelligent management combine to optimise production. Storage capacity is impressive, and order picking is agile and precise. But beyond the numbers, this hall represents adaptability and forward thinking.

Mondraker has integrated energy efficiency and sustainability measures into its design, respecting the natural environment and minimising its visual impact.

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