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    Resources Altamira Constructora

    The resources available to Altamira Constructora are a clear differential element in the current market and allow the company to successfully undertake all the projects in which it is involved:
    .Within the Group we have companies dedicated to the supply of steel, manufacture of reinforced steel reinforcement, supply of materials for construction and transport, among other activities, which allows us to guarantee supplies in a timely manner.
    • In addition to our offices located at the Group headquarters, we have 12,000 m2 of facilities for the storage and maintenance of the large fleet of auxiliary means, machinery and tools that the company has, all of which we own, among which we could highlight:
    · Tower crane park, for which we are authorized installers.
    · Formwork systems.
    · Means of deployment such as huts and warehouses, etc.

    However, one of the most important assets of our company are our contributors. It is essential for us that they are fully integrated into our projects and that we have established a synergy that allows us to work together for long periods of time.

    All this allows us to differentiate ourselves and be more agile, flexible and competitive.


    In Altamira Constructora, we prioritize the constant search for efficiency in management.For this, purchases are managed, in a centralized way, but at the same time transversal and connected to the work, where the production team participates actively, but at the same time, it is given valuable time to be on site and with customer service and site management..

    In turn, we achieve the specialization and professionalization of the processes of homogenization, comparison, contractual documentation, compliance with legal obligations… ahead of the needs of the work and cohesive with the cost and quotation departments.

    Human Team

    Despite Altamira Constructora’s extensive technical resources, we know that our greatest asset is our highly qualified, motivated and technically skilled team, capable of tackling any type of project.

    Within this team we have qualified technicians, among the different specialties of engineering and architecture. All of them have, in addition to continuous training in the leading technical and economic control systems of the market, as well as the training that
    allow them to adequately perform their functions as the maximum responsible for the safety of the work we carry out.

    These managers have great experience in the functions of the position and in addition to the necessary training for their position, they also have specific training in various trades, such as lifting equipment operators and tubular structure assemblers. All this training gives them great versatility and guarantees the development of our projects in terms of quality, safety and effectiveness, thus meeting the needs of our clients and fulfilling the commitments made.

    Studies Department

    Altamira Constructora has a multidisciplinary Studies Department with technicians not only experienced in studies and tenders for works, but also with extensive experience trajectory in the execution of works, which gives added value to our offers, which is reflected in the development of the work by reducing the number of possible unforeseen events The Studies Department covers different areas by speciality, with Structures and Residential Building being the most important ones.

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