Industrialised housing is gaining pace in Spain. More and more new developments are turning to this system as an alternative to brick.

In addition to the traditional problems of the construction sector, such as the lack of labour, in the last year there has been a sharp rise in the price of raw materials, which in some cases has led to a lack of supply, forcing construction work already underway to be halted.

Therefore, although industrialised construction is still a minority of what is being built in this country, this system is on the increase and is here to stay due to its undeniable advantages.

But let’s start from the beginning…

What is industrialised construction?

Industrialised construction is a type of construction where the parts of the house or building are manufactured in a warehouse.

Instead of doing it on a plot of land, brick by brick, it is done with parts made in warehouses that are then assembled.

And this system has a series of advantages that we explain below.

Advantages of industrialised construction

Industrialised construction offers certain advantages over traditional systems.

These are:


Unlike conventional construction, the industrialised construction system offers greater flexibility in the design, since, instead of conforming to the limited options in a catalogue (and assuming significant cost overruns to adapt it to their tastes), those who buy an industrialised home can decide the design, which they can then divide into pieces.


Sustainability is another of the advantages of industrialised construction. The use of this system means a reduction in the waste generated, which means that it has a lower impact on the environment.

Controlling waste management in a factory can be done more efficiently than in a traditional construction site. As well as better use of your material resources.

Costs and timescales

The industrialised construction of housing means an improvement in the reduction of costs and manufacturing times.

According to ACR, thanks to industrialisation, a traditional construction site taking 20 to 21 months can be reduced to 15 to 16 months in an industrialised construction site. This leads to significant savings in the manufacturing process.

In conclusion

To speak of industrialised construction is to speak of innovation, that which favours the evolution of construction systems.

This construction system reduces execution times, minimises the likelihood of errors and is much more efficient and sustainable than the traditional system.

Industrialised construction is the bet for the homes of the future.

At Altamira Constructora we are adapting to new times and innovate in new systems to be more efficient and sustainable.

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