Innovation is a key strategy in the construction sector and at Altamira Constructora, as it can boost competitiveness, improve efficiency and productivity, and enable the development of more sustainable and safer solutions. Here are some ways in which innovation can be applied as a strategy in construction:

Advanced construction technologies: the construction industry can benefit from the adoption of advanced technologies, such as modular construction, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, the use of drones for site inspections and mapping, the use of sensors and smart systems for project monitoring, among others. These technologies can improve accuracy, speed up the construction process and reduce costs.

Innovative and sustainable materials: The search for and use of more sustainable and energy-efficient building materials is crucial to reduce the environmental impact of projects. Innovations in materials such as fibre-reinforced, recycled materials, and other biocomposites can help create more environmentally friendly and resilient structures.

Collaborative design and BIM approach: The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and collaborative design allows everyone involved in the project (architects, engineers, contractors, etc.) to work on a common platform to improve coordination, avoid costly mistakes and streamline project planning and execution.

Green building and certifications: Adopting green building practices and pursuing certifications can drive sustainability in the sector and increase the long-term value of projects.

Focus on energy efficiency: Incorporating systems and technologies to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, such as LED lighting, use of renewable energy, energy management systems and advanced thermal insulation, can reduce operating costs and promote environmental responsibility.

Smart building and connected buildings: Smart building involves the use of sensors and connected devices to collect real-time data on building performance, enabling better management and predictive maintenance. This can help optimise building performance and improve the user experience.

Training and skills development: Fostering a culture of innovation within the construction company involves investing in training and skills development for employees so that they can keep abreast of the latest trends and technologies in the sector.