Productivity in the construction industry is a key issue for the success and growth of this sector. Productivity refers to the efficiency with which resources are used to produce goods and services, in this case, the construction of buildings, infrastructure and related projects.

Productivity in construction can influence several important aspects:

  1. Costs and budget: Higher productivity can help reduce construction costs, which translates into more cost-effective and competitive projects.
  2. Construction time: Increased process efficiency can shorten construction time, resulting in faster project delivery and better schedule adherence.
  3. Safety: Increased productivity can also be associated with safer and more efficient work practices, helping to reduce occupational hazards and accidents.
  4. Quality: Productivity is not only about doing things faster, but also about doing them well. Efficient management can improve the quality of projects delivered.

Factors influencing productivity in the construction industry:

  1. Technology and equipment: The adoption of advanced technologies, such as modular construction, the use of drones, augmented reality and BIM (Building Information Modelling, the set of processes and methodologies of a building or work during its life cycle), can significantly improve productivity by streamlining tasks and reducing errors.
  2. Staff training and skills: Having a well-trained team with the right skills can make a difference to productivity and the quality of work performed.
  3. Planning and management: Proper planning and effective project management are essential to avoid delays, waste and conflicts, which translates into higher productivity.
  4. Logistics and supply: A well-organised and efficient supply chain is essential to ensure that materials and equipment are available when needed, avoiding unnecessary delays.
  5. Innovation and continuous improvement: Fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement can boost productivity over time, as ways to optimise processes and outcomes are constantly sought.

It is important to note that the construction industry has historically been resistant to adopting new technologies and more efficient processes.

However, at Altamira Constructora in recent years, we have had a growing interest in improving productivity, making significant efforts to address these challenges and move towards a more efficient and sustainable approach to construction.